Character Cravings: What Do Yours Want?

All characters have their quirks and faves. It’s a huge part of what makes them so real and fascinating.

Typical fare for Draven & Shadow from The Death Club series at the mall food court. It’s a win-win – everybody’s happy! 😁

In The Death Club it seems to be turning into a running joke where a couple specific characters are only seen eating certain foods.

Ianthe and gyros; Draven and cheeseburgers; and, most of all, Hemlocke’s/Hamid’s undying pizza obsession (okay, he eats other things, but it’s seriously…A Thing. 😂)

Hemlocke’s inner pizza demon.

What are some of your characters’ quirks that you love? Favorite foods, obsessions? 🤔

One thought on “Character Cravings: What Do Yours Want?

  1. My main character Lizzy is rather partial to good quality black coffee – which is very expensive out in Sector Two of space… Thank you for an entertaining article that nonetheless makes an important point about effective characterisation:)

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