Writing the Next Novel: Moodboard Inspirations

Hey there!

On Wednesdays, we write. Well, technically we write as often as possible! We’re still riding the wave of excitement that is Searching For Home being published, to be honest.

✨ Admit it. You would be too. ✨

But today let’s talk a little bit about the next novel!

What’s coming in book 2 of The Death Club? Well, for starters, Ambrose may get considerably more screen time. 🌊

A moodboard for Ambrose Rosewater of The Death Club series.

Teenage twins. Multiple worlds. Magickal powers. What could go wrong? The answer: much. So damn much.

Book 2 content warning: ANGST. 😭 The official title for The Death Club book 2 will be announced soon!

A snippet from Book 2 of The Death Club series! (Image and text by Aspen Kendrick.)

Let’s not forget Aurora though.

A moodboard for Aurora Rosewater of The Death Club series.

I love making these moodboards, if you couldn’t tell! 😍
Who’s your favorite character from Searching For Home? 📚 Let us know in the comments!

Have a wonderful week. Read on!

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