Authors Requesting Book Reviews from Fellow Authors: Some Thoughts on Etiquette

So a few days ago, I had another author DM me on Instagram asking me to review their book. I’m a huge believer in us artists supporting each other, so I took a look at the book on Amazon and said OF COURSE!

It’s a different genre than mine, but I love to read anything/everything. I told the author it looked fascinating (it did/does), and before they could offer to send me a free copy, which they might’ve done, I purchased my copy and let them know I’d done so.

Without being asked, I said I’d bump their book up in my reading list and read it next – within a week or two I should be able to do the review. But here’s the point of the story and what really gets me. That author never said another word to me, not a thank you or anything. 🤔

It just really irks me when I offer to spend my time and energy (AND money!!) – I know how important reviews are to us indie authors – and they can’t even say thank you or express some sort of appreciation, you know? Has anyone else had that happen?


I will still absolutely do the review, but it stinks when we can’t respect each other a little more than that. I will soon have a review policy on my website, and will be sticking to that going forward. Lesson learned. 🙂

Also, just throwing this out there: if anyone is interested in a FREE copy of my novel, Searching For Home, I’d be glad to send you one in exchange for a fair and honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Email me or visit the contact page! 🙂 Let’s get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Authors Requesting Book Reviews from Fellow Authors: Some Thoughts on Etiquette

  1. What odd behaviour! And yet, I have also come across the same issue – and as you say, given that I have agreed to read the book and then take the time and effort to produce a review and post it on Amazon and Goodreads, along with featuring it on my blog – it would be nice to get a ‘thank you’…

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    1. I honestly can’t imagine any author ignoring another who is willing to purchase, read and review their work. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…I sometimes have a hard time replying to everyone in a timely manner, but that’s my crazy schedule, not a lack of manners. I do eventually respond, and I am always grateful for the efforts of others promoting my work. I will email you with “the rest of the story.” 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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