Dead Air by Luna Selas: Book Review


The premise of this story – a ‘haunted’ radio playing a program that allows dead people to speak to the living – is fascinating. The story kept my interest all the way through and was well executed. The characters are likable and interesting.

There are a few errors in the book (stuff editing could easily fix – a few missing quotations, incorrect capitalizations and commas); I also felt that it could have benefited from a much longer word count, giving room for more development and characterization. A good portion of the first chapter seemed a bit unnecessary to the story and/or more ‘tell’ than ‘show’ about the main characters’ pasts. Without spoiling anything, I will say that some of the dramatic changes of heart of some of the characters felt a bit forced or unnatural; I couldn’t see a reason why dying would so drastically change the beliefs and perspectives they were said to have held so strongly in life.

Overall a really entertaining read, and I would still recommend it! I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s an attention grabber from beginning to end, and kept me wanting to know and read more. – Anne ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I enjoy stories with paranormal elements and characters, so this one really piqued my interest and held my attention the entire time! It was definitely a page-turner.

This book could benefit from minor technical edits. It would also be very interesting to expand on this story; I felt like the first and last chapters seemed to be a little rushed. Dead Air has several compelling characters and I would love to learn more about their personalities and histories and relationships. I was thrown off the sudden and serious changes some characters expressed after having crossed to the other side; I am struggling to understand how certain personalities could arrive at such a major change of heart in a believable way. I would love to see that element expanded on and explored further!

After reading this story, I would absolutely love to see the radio itself. Very vividly described, and the author certainly paints an intriguing picture. This has potential! I enjoyed the characters and dialogue – it was quite an engaging read! I would recommend this for anyone who is fascinated by the spirit world and the possibilities therein. – Jake ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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