Lost On A Page Book Signing at Old Firehouse Books: Writing Roundup #7

Hey there readers!

Me trying to make it through this past week.

Last weekend, I attended David E. Sharp’s signing for his novel, Lost On A Page, at Old Firehouse Books.

I’ve started reading the book this week—it’s an absolutely BRILLIANT novel that combines the genres of hard-boiled detective fiction, fantasy, and romance (so far—I’m sure there will be even more thrown into the mix as I get further along!).

Detective Joe Slade finds out that he is merely a character in a series of books when he meets up with a rag-tag (and cliche, but I’m positive that was intentional—and it’s used to hilarious benefit) band of fantasy characters. Together, they vow revenge on their authors for the ordeals they’ve all been put through.

Absolutely worth a read!
I love my signed copy!

What I’m Working On

  • Book 2 of The Death Club series. Check out my Instagram and you can follow me for updates along the way! 🎉
  • Book 1 of the 99% Dark series.
  • My book signing for Searching For Home will be at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO on Saturday, September 15 from 1 to 2 pm MST! Mark your calendars! 🎉 You can also follow the Facebook event for updates! 👋
It’s almost here!


Can’t wait!

What I’m Reading

A Clash of Kings, and—of course—Lost On A Page!

What are you reading this week? 💬

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