Book Signing Approaches: Writing Roundup #9

Hey there readers!

Things are starting to look up! There’s still a lot of general life upheaval to get through, but I’m honestly really happy right now.

For one thing, my book signing is ALMOST HERE!



What I’m Working On

  • Book 2 of The Death Club series. Check out my Instagram and you can follow me for updates along the way! 🎉
  • Book 1 of the 99% Dark series.
  • My book signing for Searching For Home will be at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO on Saturday, September 15 from 1 to 2 pm MST! 🎉 You can also follow the Facebook event for updates! 👋
See you there!


What I’m Reading

The Last of August and Fabulous! An Opera Buffa.

This past weekend, I started reading my ARC of Fabulous! An Opera Buffa by Laury A. Egan. It’s a highly entertaining story of a drag queen named Gilbert Rose who wants nothing more than to be a successful opera star in NYC. But things get real complicated real fast for Gil when he lands a role as a soprano in one opera, a tenor in another opera, AND becomes a mob boss’s personal pet singer.

I will admit there were a lot of flags that went up for me in the beginning of the book, as Gil has a few, mmm, not very likeable traits—of course, a protagonist doesn’t have to be perfect (nor should he be, in fact); but some flaws are hard to overlook, and I feel that many of Gil’s (and his lesbian friend, Gal’s) flaws unfortunately fit so many negative stereotypes about gay (& lesbian) people. In addition, this story treads a very thin line in some parts for the trans community; but realistically, perhaps the line between drag and being trans can be thin at some times to begin with.

In any case, once I got past that, this book has been very entertaining so far, & I can’t wait to read more!




What amazing things have you accomplished so far this year? 💬

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