The Blood Prince by Marie Blanchet: Book Review

the blood prince - cover

Let me start by saying that when I cracked this book open, I immediately knew it was one of the better written indie books I’ve read. The world building is probably the book’s strongest point, in my opinion – you’re thrown into a world that’s clearly very complex and very realistic, complete with its own sayings and a rich history. I was really intrigued by the fact that many of the characters in The Blood Prince are human-dragon hybrids called dragumen; and they, too, were well developed and interesting, both as a race and as individuals.

My biggest critiques would be the editing; I did notice a fair amount of typos in the book, and I think there were more the further into the book I got. I also think The Blood Prince deserves a much more professional-looking cover – while the art on this cover is well done, it doesn’t look like a professional book cover.

The plot kept me reading, and the pacing worked well throughout. I felt the conflicts between characters (as well as the larger conflicts) were believable and well-written.

Definitely a good read, and I’m interested to know what happens in the next installment in this series!  – Anne ⭐️⭐️⭐️


I was actually impressed, in general, with the quality of writing in this indie book. That said, I do believe that there were still enough errors to be distracting and this book could really use further editing. I noticed the errors increasing as the book went on.

I will say that I wasn’t sure what to think initially about the book based on the cover alone. However, I was happily surprised to read an engaging tale packed with action! I enjoyed several of the characters in this story and felt like I was able to get into their inner worlds quite well.
The villains of the story unfortunately came across as bad just to be bad – I would like to know more about the baddies and what made them turn out that way.

It was a fascinating read and I’m glad to have experienced the world of this story. I do think this book has potential. The dragumen race were particularly fascinating and I’d love to learn more about them. – Jake ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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