Blue Moon by Alyson Noel: Book Review

blue moon by alyson noel cover

Blue Moon was definitely a page-turner – I finished this one in only a couple of days! It was full of action and I was really eager to see how it all ended.

I’ll admit that I do find some parts of this series cheesy, especially starting with this book. The author tends to practically beat the readers over the head with 1) how gorgeous Damen is, and 2) how in love Damen & Ever are. It’s quite an intense relationship, especially given how brief it is on Ever’s part (as she has no memories of her past lives when they’ve been together). I will however give this a bit of a pass, since I think that’s pretty common within the genre – I’m not generally a huge romance reader, so there’s that.

I am loving the integration of so many spiritual and holistic concepts in this series – the akashic records, chakras, even the healing with love & light. We learn a good deal of information about Damen’s past and what exactly led him to become immortal, which I really enjoyed.

Roman’s character was interesting, as well; he made a great villain, but I think it was a little frustrating that Ever was sure right from the beginning Roman isn’t what he projects. The way Roman operates could have made for some great plot twists and surprises, but Ever’s sense from the beginning that something was off removed that possibility. Again, I get that she’s psychic, but some mystery or some things that can deceive her would add some realism as well as suspense and mystery for the readers.

In any case, I still felt that this was an entertaining read, and the character development and insertion of backstory was well done. I’m eager to read the next book, and in particular, find out more about the mysterious twins Romy & Rayne, who were introduced in Blue Moon – and of course, see how Damen & Ever remedy Blue Moon’s tragic ending…!! – Anne ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Blue Moon was action-packed and thrilling. The emotional ups and downs were intense, although sometimes came across to me as exaggerated. I will mention that this is not normally a genre I read, so I think that it might be pretty standard for that type of story. It admittedly got pretty eye-rolly and even cringy for me the more frequently Damen’s gorgeousness is mentioned…but I’m going to put that down to these passages being mainly fan service in a romance book. What was I expecting?

This book did a great job of building on the foundations set in the previous one. We learn much more about Damen’s past, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It felt like I got to know his character much better as a result. Roman is also quite the fascinating character, but I felt like so much more could have been achieved if Ever wasn’t nearly (okay, pretty much) omniscient and highly intuitive about people’s intentions.

The amount of detail and complexity as far as the aspects of magick in the universe this series is set in is fantastic. I liked how the author incorporated a lot of concepts (beyond just past lives) such as chakras, alchemy, and crystals.

The story ends on an unexpected note. I really can’t wait to read the next book. Despite my complaints about some of the issues I’m having with some of the romance stuff, I really do like the characters and their world. It’s growing on me. If I could visit Summerland, I would! I’d love to try to paint Summerland, although I’m not sure I could do the place justice. It’s such a vivid, gorgeous setting and I’m glad to have at least spent some mental time there. – Jake ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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