Review Policy

If you send in a review request while we are closed for reviews, your email will be ignored and you may be blacklisted from future requests!

Status: CLOSED

Currently not accepting book review requests while we catch up!


We accept self-published and independently published book submissions for review. We encourage fellow indie authors to submit their books for consideration!
We welcome books that contain LGBTQ+ content (no negative stereotypes please) and/or are written by LGBTQ+ authors. 🌈

In exchange for a free copy of your book, we’ll attempt to provide an honest review. No guarantees we will finish your book. With that in mind, feel free to reach out! We will post your review to this blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. Please let us know if you would like the review posted in additional places online and we will see what we can do.

Our Review Policy

  • We will only review fiction; we will review almost any genre, except for erotica and Christian literature.
  • We review books for free. As we understand how reviews impact authors, we will not post reviews which are less than 3 stars. If we previously agreed to review your book and we subsequently do not post a review, this is the reason.
  • Sometimes, for various reasons, we are unable to finish a book. If your book ends up on our DNF pile after we agreed to attempt a review, we may or may not notify you. Again, no guarantees.
  • We will accept ebooks (.epub and .mobi only) and physical copies of books that have already been published.
  • We write book reviews as a hobby (when we are not working at our full-time jobs or fulfilling other commitments), so please be patient with us! Generally, we will try to read your book as soon as possible, but we are unable to provide any firm deadlines.
  • If we accept your book for a review, we will contact you when the review is posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and this blog. Aspen is actually two people – Jacob and Anne Fletcher – so both of us will read your book and review it.

Still interested?

Please send an email to 99pd.books {at} gmail {dot} com with the subject “Book Review Request (Your Book Title)” and include:

  • book title
  • genre
  • synopsis
  • your Amazon link
  • your website or social links
  • your cover image
  • the book format you would like to send
  • any additional details you think we might need to know

You can always reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – or by email or the contact page with any questions. Please note, we will no longer respond to book review requests sent via DM on social media. The request must come through email and must contain the requested information above, otherwise the request will not be considered.

Thank you!

Really Important Disclaimers

As stated above, if you send in a review request while we are closed for reviews, your email will be ignored and you may be blacklisted from future requests!

We also cannot stress this enough: If you reach out to us for a book review, and we respond back to you with our agreement to review your book, if you do not acknowledge our message in some way (simply saying thank you is always appreciated!) then our agreement will be considered null and void.

We will not read your book or complete a review. You will also be ineligible for any future review requests and attempts to contact us regarding such requests will likely be ignored.